Project Technical Deliverables

WP1 Network Design

• D1.1 Operational, security and safety preliminary requirements analysis

• D1.2 Solution consolidated design report

WP2 ATS Datalink Performance

• D2.1 AI in support of ATS datalink performance

• D2.2 Functional Architecture Definition for AI-SDN in support of Datalink ATS Performance (under review)

WP3 Network Optimization

• D3.1 AI in support of end-to-end ATM-grade network optimization

• D3.2 Functional Architecture Definition for end-to-end network optimization control loops using ML (under preparation)

WP4 Cybersecurity

• D4.1 Report on SINAPSE intelligent security platform v1 – AI-based security ML algorithm

• D4.2 Report on SINAPSE intelligent security platform v2 – Functional Architecture Definition (under preparation)